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  3. im getting mismatched hwid again and used all my resets thisa month what do i do?
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  5. It would be nice if you can make a save file for the hack so we dont have to reconfigure it every time again.
    Hello, does it already work in version 1.5 of gta V?
    Thanks and best regards
    1. pezkao


      I think not. at least to me.
      sorry for the translator
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  8. Hey, I've been using Maverick for about a year now, and have noticed some aspects that are missing. Recovery options: Larger quantities of money for stealth deposit (I've noticed that gta is limiting it to 2.5M a session, so i'm not sure if this is possible?) Set level (allows you to specify a level, rather than having to give yourself loads of RP to get to it) Vehicle options: It appears that the "max upgrade" option is broken - Possibly a tunables menu (clientside snow??) Honestly, what you guys are doing is awesome, most other menu's i've used got DMCAd within a few months of launching, meaning I wasted money. But this one has been going for ages, and looks to have an active community.
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  10. In Home Page (https://maverickcheats.net/community/) top right, click on reset
  11. it wont let me log on with the application wtf is this

  12. Is there any Chance to get here an Apex Legends Private cheat ? because all private cheats want +100 or 60 euros per month and this is rly expensive
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  14. As you can see, THERE IS NO SIDEBAR
  15. may I get the source code, github or something?
  16. may I get the source code, github or something?
  17. may I get the source code, github or something?
  18. may I get the source code, github or something?
  19. may I get the source code, github or something?
  20. may I get the source code, github or something?
  21. https://maverickcheats.net/community/maverickcheats/hwid.php
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  23. And where are the announcements?
  24. Would it be possible to add mini videos of the cheats in action along side the cheat in store? So you would have the general info about the cheat and what it offers and then a short vid to accompany the list of capabilities the cheat has.
  25. can you plz help my son his menu is locked and its not letting me open the trial menu i just played for untill yous can sortout his life time menu he has needs that are hard to live with so plz again unlock his life time menu thanks
  26. bro i need help to unlock my menu 

    mav key.txt

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