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  1. Could you please explain what does it mean "RPS" & "FPS"
  2. Heroes & Generals
  3. World of Warships
  4. To resolve this issue you need to open new request follow the link below. Also my is not working too https://maverickcheats.eu/community/support/
  5. If I not mistaken, is not working at the moment
  6. I think it's great to know who is online when you playing GTA and mark them differently in MaverickClient
  7. Steps: 1: Download Launcher 2: Put file somewhere 3: Run MaverickClient.exe 4: Select the Cheat you wish to run 5: Click Launch, Click 'Ok' on the MessageBox 6: CLOSE OUR LAUNCHER, then Launch the Game.
  8. I had the same issues before if I'm not mistaking this message means that you opened GTA after 60 seconds you launch MaverickCheats. You need to open GTA with in 60 seconds after launching MaverickCheats.
  9. Thanks for letting me know because I couldn't see I have mentioned that already
  10. I think, it will brilliant to add Merryweather - like hiring a group of mercenaries to gun down a player (specific player) and Merryweather will continue arriving until killing a player. !!!
  11. Hi I have already reported https://maverickcheats.eu/community/forum/12-launcher/ but if you could place your comments that will be great
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