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  1. I have another idea: #glitch players vehicles so they suddenly can't turn
  2. I have some problems with my game crashing at random. It seems to happen more often when I start a mission. Also Valkyrie gun and flare gun seem to work intermittently as well as teleport to waypoint. The teleport to object option has only worked once for me. I don't know if this is a local issue with me not setting this up correctly or if it's a client side issue that's being worked on. Thanks for the help!
  3. Sound possible but couldn't you just fast track everything using stealth money???
  4. Update I have finished fixing anything that I thought was unclear. During this, I realized that the pseudocode I wrote for this is almost completely based off of other features the maverick client already uses, making me feel good about posting the Pseudocode here. Disclaimer: I have not looked at modified or tampered with anything made by maverick cheats. The only reason I am posting this is that having a baseline to start off of is a great boost when you're developing a program also I only wanted to post a file earlier because it is easier to read. Other than that let me know if you se
  5. I know the TP player to me feature has been patched, but I might have been able to develop possible pseudocode for a workaround that in theory should allow a user to tp a random player to them. Let me know if you'd like to see it and I'll discuss it on discord in private so if its valid and feasible maverick cheats is the only place that knows the teleport secret. I spent 2 hours working on the pseudocode and have developed multiple different options for sections where problems could be present, other than that its basically a macro of current options.



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