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so I bought the lifetime eft cheat like a month or 2 ago. are u saying I cant get this new cheat without an invite? will I get it for free in the future or do I have to pay again? cause this blows cause I bought the lifetime version and my friend bought the month and we got the same playing time out of the cheat like wtf? is there anything I can do to get my money back or get another cheat for free?

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Sorry but you’re just unlucky since you bought the lifetime version of the cheat two months before it’s end, it’s the risk of buying something lifetime VS monthly subscription…

 EFT changed their anti cheat and that makes the cheat you bought useless so it’s the end of it’s lifetime… Now they are making a new cheat that will be monthly subscription and invite only, it will have nothing to do with the cheat you bought previously.

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