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GTA 5 [VIP] Feature Requests


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maybe someone can help,i want to buy vip verison,but on trail version i started it only 2 times,randomly,i dolnt know why is this happening but i cant start a trail verison,someone teled me that this is the laucher problem,i hawe popup it sayes u must start ur game in 60 sec,when i start my game the maverick is gone and theres no life in isnert buton,in forum i see i am not the only one with this problem
maybe someone can help...

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On 12/21/2019 at 10:38 AM, All said:

option to store our cars we spawn

Not possible cause you need to buy them or at least most of them you can put everything in your garage WICH are "normal" noc vehicles like an vodoo for example. 


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I wish that a token cheat will be added to the game, either get thousands, or just a cheat that lets you win in a slot machine.

I also think they should fix the stats thing.

And also add so that we can make players do animations, like the stripper one.


edit: also fix the kick player feature

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forgot to add
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more troll stuff to keep up with others out there and protection from others as this is one of the most stable and safest out at moment most others are up and down all the time So good job devs


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i know people have asked but protection from others kicking us should be  made the most important one as sick of being kicked by other menus ,can you make it if they kick us there games totally crashes please as great menu  needs great protection

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