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GTA 5 [VIP] Feature Requests

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10 hours ago, bunny1997 said:

I wish to see a feature that player can noclip through walls so I can access the place without required tools.

Also wish to see whether players in lobby have cheat or not. I noticed this was a thing before Maverick was free for all

Maverick VIP is only free until Sunday.

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We are collecting ideas on how we can improve the VIP menu, we will only consider popular/ heavily requested and reasonable suggestions...  Currently planned: ESP Configs & keybinds

Add so that the person teleports  to you 

Hello Maverick Staff. I think its time for at BIG maverick update. Features are getting outdated and some failes. Maverickcheats need more, better and new features. I wish i could help develop,

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- Add the Itali RSX, please... I saw the Fast and the Furious 7, my crippling psuedorealistic action movie walrus fetish   y e a r n s   f o r   i t

- Please fix Off The Radar, it's been broken for months 😧

- Add Ghost Organization, like Off The Radar, but for Ghost Organization

- Add options to spawn in pedestrians and game objects (such as ramps and airport bag carriers, the ones with broken physics that fly when you hit them with a Rhino)

Just my suggestions, thank you guys for keeping this running for as long as you have, I can't imagine playing GTA V without Mav! ❤️

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13 hours ago, Clout._. said:

Ive had maverick for a few years. excellent menu but why were all the features taken off from years ago? 

Like what? As far as I am aware, there have been no features taken off the VIP menu.

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On 1/12/2021 at 4:00 AM, JedH said:

Like what? As far as I am aware, there have been no features taken off the VIP menu.

well alot of the trolling features were removed. better money drop options. there was weather control. more tp spots. there were a ew more options for my player options.  I had the premium menu when it was 50$ 

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A way to lock a selection of a player as when people leave or join the selection moves


A way to remove objects added to us by other modders. 


And maybe a block for other trolll modders form crashing my game 

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 mates!!! I have a Question!!!! first! i am a newbe about maverick vip.

how many times a month is to change HWID reset??? because i have a computer and gaming laptop when i use at outside. 

i did it much... 😞😞 i play the gta5 without the maverick launcher.... do i have to wait???? i would like to know it is decided.

 tell me mates!!~~ and sorry about my English skill... because i am not a english man haha;;



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