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GTA 5 [VIP] Feature Requests

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1 hour ago, HotSwapFries said:

Here's an idea: how about not only tweaks to vehicle performance, but appearance as well? For instance, things like being able to camber wheels, adjust ride height, add and remove body modifications, even swap wheels (say muscle to tuner, or even Benny's wheels on non Benny's cars), and things like that? There are many vehicles out there that can have some pretty interesting looks with some of these ideas, I'd say.

I don't know sounds a little too obvious don't you think

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We are collecting ideas on how we can improve the VIP menu, we will only consider popular/ heavily requested and reasonable suggestions...  Currently planned: ESP Configs & keybinds

Add so that the person teleports  to you 

Hello Maverick Staff. I think its time for at BIG maverick update. Features are getting outdated and some failes. Maverickcheats need more, better and new features. I wish i could help develop,

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Here's some ideas that I think should be added to the Gta 5 VIP:

  • Clean Badsport
  • Car customization ( Parts )
  •  Teleport Player To Me
  •  Teleport (All) Player(s) To Me
  • Teleport Players to "Location"
  •  Model Changer
  •  Outfits Customization ( Except Blacklisted Items )
  •  Editable Money Drop Delay
  • Stealth Remove Money
  •  Possibility to apply effects to All players ( As money drop, cage player, etc...)
  •  Change the damage modifier system (VIP). Take the same one then on the paid version.
  •  Menu customization profile save.
  •  Clean Peds / Attach Peds.. ( Currently in dev i know)
  •  Troll TAB  ->  - Suicide bomber
                            - Merc Attack
                            - Airstrike
                            - Slingshot Vehicule
                            - Fire / Water loop
                            - Etc.. ( Player Ideas)
  • Steal Outfit / Vehicule
  • Send custom message
  • Show Player's Info ( Money,  X.Y.Z location,  XP, Wanted Level, etc...)
  • Add Bounty (Adjustable)


PS : I'll add some more when I have time 🙂 
Thanks to staff members for helping people and keeping Maverick's C running, much appreciated.

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Block damage

Add/remove money transaction

Fake death

Kick player to SP

Teleport player to Waypoint or random place

Spam annoying messages

Unlimited orbital cannon

Kill everyone

Remove stealth money

P.s 40 usd is not worthy yet. 

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I have also some ideas: 🙂


# play as animal - its very funny to kill players as dog or mountain lion

# spawn vehicles to players (so that they can use it)

# send Jesus with gun to players to kill them

# send Hydras to attack players

# freeze players

# send annoying sounds to players

# change players RP (if its still possible to make)

# spawn objects on players like christmas trees, toilets...

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On 10/20/2018 at 5:27 AM, 50ShadesOfUs said:

We are collecting ideas on how we can improve the VIP menu, we will only consider popular/ heavily requested and reasonable suggestions... 

Currently planned:

Configs & keybinds
Model changer
Stat changer
Remote model changer

I am really looking forward to the Config & Keybind. I was keeping fingers crossed since I bought it in hopes you would add some sort of keybinds. Also being able to see other's balances and being able to see if someone else has a menu or not.

That's a feature in another mod menu I've heard about which names I will not mention, so don't even PM me to anyone except admins reading this.

Looking forward to the next updates 🙂


I don't care if certain features aren't added that other menu's have, I would much rather have it stay undetected like it is. Very nice work guys

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Didn't want to create another post just to add one sentence.
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I don't if it's just me, but I've been seeing a lot players that complain about modders putting them into Bad Sport Lobbies. I'd love to see some implementation of this kind of mod into the game.

For me, it would help people I meet the most by removing them from the lobbies and putting non-modding players who grief a ton into bad sport lobbies to ruin their experience.

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2 minutes ago, Computerguy64 said:

i meant as a xbox controller connected to the pc


1 minute ago, Defalt_ee said:

still prob a no

^^ no controller support

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- Anti grav peds / vehicles into the air (make them float into the sky) in the area around you.

- Remote options such as off the radar for other players, jump/backflip/boost other player's vehicles/

- Auto drive to waypoint if in vehicle.

- Attach objects to others like the weed tree or xmas tree.


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34 minutes ago, AbYsS said:

Or maybe you could give other people money???

And give them cars that they can keep for themselves...


money bags are risky af

only cars they can keep is those street cars that can be brought into LSC, u can just spawn for them


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