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BF4 Not Authenticated??


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17 minutes ago, cashmeoutside said:

How to get authenticated?     Any ideas ??   Anybody??    Doesn't work very often, when it does work.  I  don't see any kind of menu , like some of other sites have.  Paid Lifetime Customer,,,,,,

Restart your launcher and make sure that your launcher is excluded from ALL Anti-viruses.

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OK,,, even windows defender ?  and  windows firewall.?     I've  disabled them before,   but how to i specifically exclude  it from them?  Any special way to do that?  I disable everything of that nature.  I have Malwarebytes and Glary Utilities.   Will i ever see a menu that lets me choose ESP, Bone, Etc.   I used to have another cheat program that i could do that with.  Just wondering. Thanks for your response.

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