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GTA V VIP+ Review


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Disclaimer: I have only used this menu for a single day trial, however I thoroughly used it for about 20 hours.

The menu is very well made and has many useful and helpful features that will help with grinding/griefing/ and overall protection from other cheaters.

Some features don't work too well but still has it uses; For example, the teleport to waypoint will likely teleport you several hundred feet into the air above where you teleported, but you can just use god mode for a safe decent.

The recovery options are fairly optimal, with the helpful setup skip for the cayo perico heist, as well as an unlock all for items and achievements in-game. Including an RP loop for level changes.

The menu is fairly well made and for the most part works just fine, with a few exceptions. The menu is worth every penny and is a very good choice when it comes to cheap and well made products. The menu did crash for me a few times, and the only way I got it to work was to load up story mode first, launch the cheat, and proceed to online where the menu would function just fine. There is no money drop/stealth money in this version, which can be a mandatory feature for some, but with everything else in the menu including heist setup skips, it is still a very good menu!

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