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  3. wwwwaaaazzzzaaaappp! boys and girls

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    why when i go to use the mod for gta it appears "HARDWARE ID MISMATCH"? how can i fix this?
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  6. Ic3dgames


    the battlefield 4 cheat is deceteed almost as soon as you join the server and you will be banned or kicked from every server you join after that
  7. After luanching the GTA Vip cheats, it the process doesn't exicst and doesn't seem to inject. Even after i launch Gta. It used to work great before the tuners update and ever since just been a ton of issues.
    the new one's great and all but getting money fast and simple is now an issue
    it crashes when i go to recovery and casino section to enable rig all slots
    (CSGO) i would give the cheat 5 stars but the skinchanger for knifes isn't working so yeah.... if it gets fixed then 5/5 100%
  9. I have a couple of questions about the GTA V install..? https://mobdro.bio/ So I bought it on the online store. Huge mistake because the download is taking forever. When I launch it says "installing". It got up to about 11% before i set my ps4 in standby mode. After i turned it back on, it was down to 0%, even though it had downloaded about 10gb since the last time it was on. When it says "installing", is it literally installing the game as opposed to downloading it, and the installation takes forever?? Does my ps4 have to remain turned on for 24 hours?
  10. can't create configs on the paid CS:GO cheat does anyone know why? whenever i click create nothing happens. https://showbox.bio/
  11. The issue I'm having is once the menu is loaded up browsing over certain menu items brings up a message saying "Press A Button To Toggle" and I cant get it off the screen. if i push insert again then the whole menu freezes and I have to relaunch the game.
  12. Guys, could you please share which options you select in MaverickClient so you not getting Ban
  13. Hey guys, if i bought GTA 5 [Lifetime] (VIP) sub, can i get vip+ lifetime or it's gone? or lost my lifetime sub??
  14. I hope they add exceed Daily Limit for in the casino, so you can gamble all you want. if its not there already cause i couldnt seem to find it
    GTA 5 (VIP) crashes my game after a while. You can start it up in offline mode, then load the menu and then go online and you can use the menu for like ~30m then it will crash again. The GTA menu works really well though i hope they fix this issue
  15. did you figure it out ? having similar issues
  16. If it's possible an option to get an infinite loot bag for Cayo Perico would be awesome. Being able to max out the full 14 mil from a full gold modded Cayo Perico would be awesome.
  17. chichi

    Recovery page

    hi, I'm trying the free mod menu and if I click on drop money in the recovery page it does nothing, all the other pages works well, but that with the rp loop too doesn't work
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  19. Can be raised ( REPUTATION LEVEL )
  20. Im not sure if these have been suggested but being able to -Teleport forward a few meters -no ragdoll would be epic features to add!
  21. Disable your Antivirus Programm
  22. While trying to use the launcher, an error appeared while running , I bought a paid DLC, but it doesn't work, so I'm embarrassed. It seems like it's been a year since I bought it
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