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  4. hi i play csgo

  5. Last week
  6. It got Patched, Rockstar fixed the exploit.
  7. I don't understand, is there a demo? because I can't do it
  8. Why can't I give other players money. VGTA (VIP). Thank you
  9. Earlier
  10. If i dont get banned in GTA online first 30 minutes there was alot of bugs rushed on first usage. I will leave a good review. In case of ban i will leave a bad review tbh. Menu was crazy at first run. Later it fixed itself some how idk.

  11. Hallo, mein MOD-Menü zeigt mir den Fehler "Hardware ID Mismatch"

    Was kann oder sollte ich tun?

    1. b4y4g4_1
    2. Sgt.Ober


      kannst HWid reset holen bzw über die seite machen


    3. Sgt.Ober


      das kann passieren wenn man neue teile in den pc einbaut oder es vorher auf einem anderen gerät genutzt wurde bzw dafür iat es ja da das es nur auf einem gerät laufen kann


  12. Just as the title suggests, I have noticed that my kill icon flickers to the cooldown, and returns to normal in maybe a span of 0.5 seconds, indicating that my partner has killed. Is this a legitimate feature in the game? or is this a bug that is most likely going to get patched soon????
  13. As Mavericks main focus is safety over features (as far as i know), there is a chance most of these features will be added once the menu is secure enough to do so. Sincerely, Boyce.
  14. Boyce

    Changing resolution

    So one of my monitors died. My second monitor is a lower resolution than my main one was. now whenever i launch batttlefield i just get a black screen. I can hear the game running i just can't do anything. how can i lower the resolution outside of the game?
  15. I would invest in the bunker. It generates income similar to the biker businesses only it makes you a lot more. You can just keep selling cars while it generates money for you until it's ready to sell. Only issue is that you have to keep it supplied and it can get robbed by NPCs. Make sure you upgrade it immediately
  16. Sjonne

    shots down

    when in storymode i put on example Give all weapons, my games shots down, but first when i activate a cheat
  17. where is money option? why do you remove it from Vip client?
  18. As mentioned in the chat I have bought GTA5 VIP, but now during the menu redo the menu doesn’t pop up Free works but tabs me out in fullscreen Free vip doesn’t work but gives a message of a successful injection Paid vip does the same thing as free vip Paid vip+ just says I do not own the product so I cannot test it
  19. Anyway to make money right now?
  20. Westword5

    injetor error

    keep having an injector error and turned on exception to launcer and files in it but keep having it --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Injector could not be started due to an error. This is typically caused by Windows Defender or a third party Anti-Virus. We have copied the Error to your Clipboard, paste the error into a ticket and send it to Staff! System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo) at Main.Main.<launchButton_Click>b__9_0() in C:\Users\James\Documents\GitHub\Maverick Auth\Maverick Launcher\Main.cs:line 470 message of error had to coppy manulay
  21. Hello Guys Does anyone nows on the new Menu were is the money option? Regards
  22. If anyone needs any Tech help, feel free to send me a message as I might be able to help you! I am on the discord as "LuvOnyx#6464"

  23. Where do i find money drops for myself on the new menu(VIP+) old mod you could get like 500k per 5 sec. Isnt this a thing anymore?
  24. Hello guys 🙂 How are u?

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