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    Several months ago I used from time to time your software that works perfectly, now when I run your software it stops working so early, I do not know if the problem comes from me or the software does not work anymore I just wanted to tell you? However your software when I use it was very good.
  5. I think that the RDR2 Online isnt rly for cheating. And if i get banned, i dont rly want to spend another 39$ just for a game.
  6. So iv been looking into alot of things here and there with free time. And have come across some interest in some topics, and would like to ask if such things would be able in the future for EfT or any other games that might use BE. To begin, a bit of worry, is the detection ability of BE. This can be good or bad depending how you look at it. currently, i get booted off EfT for just having a USB3.1 exp card and a USB plugged into it. the Card itself is just plug and play, no software or verification needed. its a dumy port card. the USB though is some old Kington 2.0 thumbdrive that required an install to use properly and a format of the USB afterwards. it will have its own little window and all when ever the USB is plugged in. BE doesnt like it. so it slaps me when ever i forget to leave it in. BE isnt dumb, but it is very picky or very over protective. Currently there are questionable and no solid answers to bi-pass the HWID bans. some say they just reinstall windows on a new drive. others say they need to swap mobos. ect. How about work around programs for the HWID ban? So the expensive method is to get a Spoofer program that masks all components of your computer as something else. this doesnt make much sense as that sounds like itd bring up HWID issues in general. something BE looks for specifically. though, apparently i see comments saying it works. and some that say it doesnt. Another way to cover yourself HWID checks? well there was a group in mid September that was looking into tricking BE using a VM (Virtual Machine). They are testing it, and well. i guess its too early to say? i guess? Though, theres some interesting ways to have a try and catch yourself from being slammed with a HWID-ban, there doesnt seam to be anything solid yet on programs to work around BE all together. As BE is very active and makes core updates every 3~8 months iv noticed. I wouldnt mind MC looking into these methods, if something can be packaged into MC's launcher or the individual cheat executable, then that will help atleast widen the cheat's invite pool.
  7. I agree, having a cheat for RDR2 online would be pretty cool.
  8. an option to change your name to avoid bans.
  9. With the release of RDR2 Online for pc, was wondering if the team is considering a cheat for this?, i have read somewhere else that the encryption is very similar to GTA 5 in some aspects and the values and pretty much in the same locations, i know people are very busy with other projects at the moment.
  10. Earlier
  11. The comrade above wrote the official requirements, which you can see in their discord. You need to apply if you think you are eligible for approval. Application will cost you $ 1 Please read so that you have fewer potential questions.
  12. I bought the lifetime membership, can't use VIP and haven't gotten an Email yet.
    Any way to be authenticated cant figure out how
  13. I have linked my Main Discord account to website. Invite for Discord Server says it has expired ( MaverickTreats#0001 ). How to get new one ? - Sorted this one out. And how to get Invite only subscription ? Thank you
  14. Requirements: - You must be in our Discord Server with your Main Account - You must have your Main Discord Account Linked with our Website - You must have atleast 1 Invite Only Subscription at all times starting November 1st
  15. And how can someone get an invite ?
  16. Hugaubin

    EFT News

    You need to apply in the support, but you do not meet the required conditions.
  17. If y'all learn how to read, y'all would be able to help yourself...
  18. anyone know if the rep system will get fixed?
  19. chief-

    EFT News

    Is it possible if I can get an Invite for EFT?
  20. Crispy said : We cannot accept PayPal for the time being, if you guys have alternative Payment Method suggestions that are good, let us know. Thanks
  21. Normal, it is available only for those with access to the invitation
  22. A protection that hackers cant kick you
  23. I can't find Takov on the store page. I want to buy Takov to cheat. What should I do?
  24. I want to buy Takov’s cheating

    1. OnkelDonk


      Tarkov cheats are unavalible at the moment,  you could ask staff for the invitational one but the paid and free are down bcuz Tarkov changed anti-cheat software

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