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  4. - Save custom teleport locations - Save config settings (protections, colors, menu sizes, etc.)
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  6. No, you can still use the free version, but the paid version has many different options.
  7. cookie1234


    Your menu is detectable ive been banned twice please fix this, big waste of money on purchasing game twice and the mod menu.
  8. Hey, I used to use this website for cheats for GTA Online, sometime around the doomsday update (2017 or 2018 i think) and i remember it used to be completely free. Is there still a free version, or maybe a limited version that is not as good but free? Or is it only paid now? Thank you so much for the help, and to the developers, actually thank you for making a great program, which actually isn't a scam ( because there are MANY out there lmao)
  9. well alot of the trolling features were removed. better money drop options. there was weather control. more tp spots. there were a ew more options for my player options. I had the premium menu when it was 50$
  10. title says it all. if i use the menu the visuals make the game's fps terrible
  11. Earlier
  12. je narrive pas a lancer mon mod menu sur gta 5 jai essayer de le désinstaller et réinstaller sa ne marche pas non plu quelqu`un pourrais maider Merci davance!
  13. Like what? As far as I am aware, there have been no features taken off the VIP menu.
  14. Ive had maverick for a few years. excellent menu but why were all the features taken off from years ago?
  15. EpicTurk


    In the mod menu list, the car 'deluxo' does not exist. This is a very important vehicle. Please add this to your mod menu on gta v online.
  16. EpicTurk


    Hi, if I use the maverick mod too long on gta V, the mod menu does not react if I choose a vehicle or something else. It does not function. When this appears one time, than it happens often, that the maverick mod menu don't react. In this case, I need to change the session or restart the game and maverick mod. Please control this issue.
  17. hi guys will the new cars/vehicles be added into the spawn car section? and hopefully pressing trailer doesnt crash the game
  18. I restarted the computer and reinstall the launcher, but the problem persists and.... There is a strange error code (The default language of my computer is Korean.) I thought I pressed the cancel button by mistake, so I uploaded it again. I'm sorry if there was a problem.
  19. if i have gta v through epic games will this menu still work?



  21. I got an error all the time during installation
  22. I ordert my GTA VIP licens by JedH and payed with Paypal. It was a very fast transaktion an i got the Activationkey like instant after i payed. Thanks to @JedH it was nice to make a deal with you.
  23. Can anybody tell me how to change my password i forgot my password and i need to type it in to change it :c

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