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  5. When i active the Wallhack on CSGO i can't see my enemy but the triggerbot work
  6. Changelog: Critical Fixes: - Fixed Fullscreen Crashing - Fixed Performance Issues Features: - Added Blame Explosion + Bypass - Added Hijack Vehicle (Online) - Added Character Models - Added Particle Effects UI: - Added Menu Notifications - Added Search Bars to ListBoxes Fixes: - Fixed Unloading - Fixed Teleporting - Fixed Night Vision - Fixed Thermal Vision Debug: - Added a 'Debug Mode' to the Settings Tab
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  9. After extensive testing of the cheat I noticed the following bugs Protection: Sound Spam => Didnt work Remove Cops => Didnt Work Crash => Some goes trough Spoofer Everything If you Enable Namespoofer in the Story Mode you cant Join sometime Online
  10. i'd like to buy gta 5 vip via paypal
  11. my hacks as not work for 9h in gta 5 vip hacks

  12. hola bro una pregunta sabes si el cheat bf4 es compatible con zlorigin
  13. I mean you're not wrong, even in new free version of the cheat you can teleport to other players cars, or just to them, in VIP+ i couldn't find this option
  14. The main thing i was talking about was tuning so you dont have to use Honk Boost.
  15. The only good features VIP has is Money. Money is risky though so we decided to withhold it from the VIP+.
  16. VIP+ is worse then VIP you should give VIP+ some of the good VIP features and add a some different ones to VIP+
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    gta 5 modded account

  18. Changelog: - Added AntiAFK
  19. Changelog: - Updated Off Radar - Updated Anti AFK
  20. Change Log: - Updated Money Loop - Updated Off Radar - Updated Anti AFK - RP Loop Removed (VIP Only) (Temporary) - Money Loop Removed (VIP Only) (Temporary)
  21. This is happening to me 2 

  22. Nearo

    GTA 5 Crash

    Everytime i want to load the menu the game Crashes
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