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  4. We are working on Arma3 and DayZ
  5. So rn yall are focusing on cheats for games like Unturned, R6, Arma, etc?
  6. Is teleporting to checkpoints in races too detectable to add?
  7. We are focusing on battleye cheats right now. Also, I doubt that would be added however you can just increase your speed stats/fly mode.
  8. I remember back in the old days when Maverick only had free gta 5 hacks, you could teleport from checkpoint to checkpoint like in a race and win in 3 seconds. Idk how detectable and smart it would be to add that but I had sooo much fun using it before
  9. Last week
  10. Theoretically it could be possible, however it would be very long winded and pointless. It would require spawning a vehicle on their location, despawning their vehicle at the exact same time and teleporting them to the spawned vehicle.
  11. Seems cool but also seems hard to input
  12. This is a known bug. You can try going into story mode, going back into online and unlocking again however this is not guaranteed to work.
  13. Hello,
    welcome to my page. Thank you for reading this, I wish you a good day.

    -bye Glenn

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      No i Wish you a good day

  14. It had been nice if you could change the car another player was sitting in to a bike, plane or bad car.
  15. I have had a problem when upgrading cars, that some paint and other things require me to win 35823657 races.
  16. yeah the idea of a non malicious menu is a good one. personally i dont have the cheats that ruin the experience for other players because i'm not a child. in fact, i do the job that rockstar should be doing and try to keep everyone friendly and happy on a server and only decide to step in, when their is a griefer or an evil modder. so the prospect of adding the ability to see their IP address, is a childish one that takes things too far
  17. Thank you for your concerns, you can send me a message and I'll inquire the dev to fix the issues you're having.
  18. truly, I'm sick of the mod working for a quarter of the things they say they have, no money, no level, not anything ... also the game crashes every 5 or 10 minutes, I've been demanding for months to update the mod and they do nothing, thank you very much !!!, I paid for something that works three out of 30 things, I feel that nobody of maverick is interested in the word of us, the users of a program which we pay for, it is not free and On top of it, go as you want, I'll see what I do from now on, because I see that you are not interested in this progress and be a successful company or that you
  19. Hi, I'm Keegan, and I'm the one and official Reseller here at MaverickCheats.net If you can't buy any subscription using the forum's payments gateway options, you can buy a subscription through me using PayPal. How to: Make sure to register and verify your account here at MaverickCheats.net Then add me, in discord [Keegan#5295], you can find me in the Official MaverickCheats Discord Server, or send me a message here in forum. When you contact me, please provide me with the name/email of the MaverickCheats.net forum account you want the product to be applie
  20. Loader Changelog: (11 October 2020) MaverickCheats Launcher Updated - v0.28 ChangeLog: ------------------------------ Added --------------------------------- Added 'Login with Forum' to use the new Login Method - Launcher will launch a Web Page, request Authorization to use your Account to Login to the Launcher. Once you're Authenticated, it will Auto Login without requesting a Username/Password OR opening a Web Page for up to 30 days ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Loader Theme Changed to Halloween Theme
  21. Earlier
  22. Disable ANY Antivirus (Windows Defender too) and Move Launcher files to the Desktop in a new Desktop Folder
  23. Hello, when i click start on the among us cheat it just turns off, any solotions?
  24. Keegan

    don't work ESP ?

    If you still need help, join in the discord server, or open a forum ticket
  25. it's free, you can find it in your loader
  26. how do i get among us cheats
  27. Installation: Download and Install our Launcher from the Downloads section. Disable, Uninstall or Exclude our Software and Folder from your AntiVirus's. Run our Launcher executable, expand the Side Menu List and click Among Us [Free]. Click Launch. Launch your game once you see a Message Box that specifies the actions were successful or completed. Pressing 'Insert' in-game should pull up an Internal Menu that provides you the ability to manage and use our Cheat. Details: The Cheat offers features such as 1s Kill Cooldown Timer, Player list [Show
  28. 1) First of all, read this topic if you feel ready and able to apply, continue reading 2) Go in the support section, open a new topic and choose the department of which you are applying for; Eg Applying for Discord Moderator should select "Discord Moderator" 3) In the text box, Tell us about yourself, a full presentation about yourself etc.... 4) Fill out the entire form 5) You are done N. B Do not lie, lying would result in a penalty such as, warn/ban and in some cases the removal of the role obtained. Wait for the staff, do not in
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