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  4. Hi it says that csgo is updating by the developer

    what do i do

    1. Itz_Jed


      Wait for it to be updated...

    2. Jeppe1545


      how long doess it take

      bcs it has been that for like 4 months


  5. We are aware of the bugs. However the developer is focusing on getting CS:GO ready.
  6. guys fix the bugs! i just bought it and its bugging other players and me included riding a car it doesnt start up with hack on plus teleporting and car spawning always mess up and dont work can anyone help
  7. +1 In addition, other modders stick other stuff to me/us like train or alien space ship and trees and I cant do anything about it. The only option is to restart the game or switch from online to story mode which is super annoying. Hopefully we get to see some new promising updates soon
  8. Launch the game in story mode, then inject the cheat, then press ok to that message and then tab back into your game and press ins.
  9. You need to change your ingame mouse input settings to anything apart from the default.
  10. Hello, I need some help. I purchased the $30 paid/vip version, and it launches fine, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to work it. When I press 'insert,' the menu appears, my cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen, and I cannot move it. Do I need to be pressing a special key to unlock the cursor? I've tried it in windowed and fullscreen mode, with the same result. Pausing the game doesn't help either. I've tried everything I can think of, please help!
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  12. For god knows why it wants me to start my game in 60s "injection: pre-loaded! you have 60 seconds to start your game!" Someone please help me
  13. We won’t be able to tell of it will ever be safe again. Also I doubt it will be as safe as it was before as it is unlikely for rockstar to go back to their old anti-cheat sysytem.
  14. Hello, I was wondering when/if giving yourself money was going to be safe again?
  15. yes


    1. Itz_Jed
    2. NoLifeGli_e


      cs go

      dont working


    3. Itz_Jed


      Do not post on my profile something we already know 

  16. When u create a proper support ticket, we don't provide support in sub threads
  17. When do you get a proper solution to the problem?
  18. can someone help me, if i go onto los santos custom some stuff that needs to unlocked with races and stuff say i need to do like millions of them happened after i messed around with the mod menu first time ANY IDEAS?
  19. Hey I have a problem, when I want to start the xp multiplier my game crashes
  20. sry i have postet but i have get a massage.. It´s Waht not postet Error please waite 4 sec. and post again...
  21. I've been using this cheat (Gta 5 Online) for a little over a year. And to date it has not been discovered. My favorite is of course the GOD mod in single player mode. and otherwise I don't use it in the "teammate § mode at all. What I'm missing is the old cheat mode with the money. It would be great if it could be reintroduced. It doesn't have to be like it was true, it would be enough you get about 3 to 5 million each hour or every 3 to 5 hours. Otherwise I can only say top job. And gladly, as far as I can, I also take premium again. Until then I say thank you for your work and stay everyone Regards HoPe4DoPe Germany ich nutze diesen Cheat ( Gta 5 Online ) schon seit etwas über ein Jahr. Und bis heute wurde es nicht endeckt. Mein Liebling ist Natürlich der GOD mod in den Single Player modus. und sonst nutze ich es in den " mitspieler § modus garnicht. Was mir leider fehlt ist der Alte Cheat Modus mit dem Geld. Es währe Super wenn das wieder eingeführt werden könnte. Es muss ja nicht so sein wie es wahr, es würde reichen das man ca 3 bis 5 millionen je std oder alle 3 bis 5 std bekommt. Ansonsten kann ich nur sagen Top Arbeit. und gerne , soabld es mir möglich ist, nehme ich auch wieder Premium. Bis dahin sage ich Danke für eure arbeit und Bleibt alle gesund. Grüsse HoPe4DoPe
  22. hello my name is fabian 


  23. When i launch the cheat it says "start the game" and 30 seconds after i started the game the cheat disappears and in the lobby i cannot use it so why disappears it?
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