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  4. JagHatarDig

    Mismatched HWID

    thats the most idiotic thing ive heard today
  5. You are on a different computer or steam account. Please return to what you had when you signed up.
  6. Happyhour

    Mismatched HWID

    There is no error the software knows you are trying to access the game from a different computer or different steam account. You must be in the same you signed for .
  7. Happyhour

    what is mismatched HWID?

    You are on a different computer or different steam account not sure which
  8. Last week
  9. Aether


    Can you just read? It's on the Discord under #eft-news as well as under the forum's news section.
  10. banek

    Mismatched HWID

    what should I do about this error ,,Mismatched HWID''?
  11. pizza time


    I've been trying to find where to get this invite from. Where can I get the explanation?
  12. I launch the paid cheat and then it says injected you have 60 sec to open your game but then i click OK and it completely closes? Is it crashing?
  13. same here, just baught the gta v for life and i can not log in
  14. when ever i try and load the loader it says i have a HWID this is a current issue 13/09/2019 sorry for not using support it is currently down
  15. I made a support request and it didn't help. Not sure what to do, i paid for the menu and I expect it to work.
  16. MrCasperKH

    launcher help

    i formatted my window and then,i can't login again
  17. You didn't just loose... you used your 30 bucks to cheat while the cheat was available during it's lifetime. That could have been 1 month, or 1 year, or 10 years. If you weren't comfortable with this risk you shouldn't have bought the "lifetime" version, instead you should have bought the "monthly subscription" for 5 bucks.
  18. good day you can re-activate the command to put the character's statistics to the maximum?
  19. so i just loose out on 30 bucks?
  20. The cheats been discontinued, BattlEye has been added and ALL cheat providers including US have wen't Invite Only.
  21. the the hell has tarkov cheats bene down so long i paid money for this
  22. hieiiganashi


    Sorry but you’re just unlucky since you bought the lifetime version of the cheat two months before it’s end, it’s the risk of buying something lifetime VS monthly subscription… EFT changed their anti cheat and that makes the cheat you bought useless so it’s the end of it’s lifetime… Now they are making a new cheat that will be monthly subscription and invite only, it will have nothing to do with the cheat you bought previously.
  23. ViceTreven

    Money Loop-Broken

    Will Maverick have like a discount to 20$ on gta vip on black friday? I Think many would buy it, i would buy it then aswell
  24. castleduncle961


    so I bought the lifetime eft cheat like a month or 2 ago. are u saying I cant get this new cheat without an invite? will I get it for free in the future or do I have to pay again? cause this blows cause I bought the lifetime version and my friend bought the month and we got the same playing time out of the cheat like wtf? is there anything I can do to get my money back or get another cheat for free?
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