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    Version 0.23e


    Use the file somewhere in a folder on your desktop for the best experience.
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    Installation: Download and Install our Launcher from the Downloads section. Buy our GTA 5 [VIP] Cheat from our Store if you don't own it already. Disable, Uninstall or Exclude our Software and Folder from your AntiVirus's. Run our Launcher executable, expand the Side Menu List and click GTA 5 [VIP]. Click Launch. Launch your game once you see a Message Box that specifies the actions were successful or completed. Pressing 'Insert' in-game should pull up an Internal Menu that provides you the ability to manage and use our Cheat. Details: The Cheat offers many features such as Trolling, Protection from other Cheats, God Mode, Recovery Features and 100's of other features. We currently don't offer the option to 'save' your cheat configuration so take notes in your mind what you typically enable when you first execute the cheat. Media:
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    For those who are asking how to turn off safe mode, click the settings/ cog wheel thingy, the one above self protection tab. (2nd tab from below). There, you can customize your menu and also turn off the safe mode. Enjoy!
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    it is not bad but the old money mod was lil better
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    I don't know if I should remove the tick on the safe mode because im unable to give money to my self, using epic games launcher. and every time I want to launch the cheat it shows to GTA5 in the menu, what is the difference (attached file is an example)?
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    not bad mod...only money I thinks isnt work well
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    I need help. When i use the money cheat it wont work because it says safe mode is enabled does anyone know how to fix it?
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    Hello, Dont add a lot and don’t spend it all at once.
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    Hello, The money loop is 500k per loop. Everything safe mode disables is considered to have an increased risk but that does not mean that you will be banned.
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    Do you mean anti-cheat. If so we disable it.
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    Firstly, please do not ping staffs, we check all the forums regularly. Secondly report bugs here: https://maverickcheats.net/community/forum/23-bug-reports/
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    I've probably used this client for over a year now, and my account is still undetected, my only problem is that the new money hack is a lot worse than the old but the cheat is still great and works perfectly. (This review is in reference to GTA V client).
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    This cheat menu is AMAZING ! I'm using it for GTA V and CS: GO and I got banned just 3 times ! ;D No seriously. This is really good cheat. It's undetected and really sophisticated and somebody surely put effort in ! There is no problem with In-Game menu itself but even so I found some bugs here. 1 - Sometime it's really unstable and falls often for GTA V 2 - Long wait time to updating it (I know that there's only one DEV but this time It's taking almost more than 3 weeks ! [CS:GO] ) 3 - (That happened I think just once) I got VAC banned although "Status" said it's UNDETECTED ! (Just for CS:GO again) Still I love this menu and I will probably use is for the rest of my life ;D Thanks MaverickCheats ! -GreenSpeed_PRO
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    Could you make money hack same as in older versions please ?
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    how do i get the escape from tarkov cheats onto my downloaded cheat launcher
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    Hello Maverick Staff. I think its time for at BIG maverick update. Features are getting outdated and some failes. Maverickcheats need more, better and new features. I wish i could help develop, but i cant code shit. Hope you people will check the list, and develop the features. If some of the features, is unstable to develop. Make a checkbox like "Safe mode" just for "Stable options". Then users can decide themself. - Model changer that works with all models even if wanting to change / Modded outfits. - ESP. - Better Teleport. - No delay on Orbital Cannons. - Better Moneydrop / Drop party, spawns moneybag in air in a area for more people. - Teleport other players. - Remaining vehicle TUNE options. - Car mod menu. (Make car snowed) - Boost keybind / Boost other players. - Modded cars. - Put players into bad sport lobbies. - Give other players RP/Stealth Money. - Add new vehicles - ALOT better protection. Other menus, unable to affect with grief MAVERICK users. - IP Spoofer - Find other players IP and PORT. - Better kick (remove explosion and make them disconnect instead.) - Drive on water - Remove water (Moses shit) - Clone other players cars. - Auto protection: Kick, spectate, disconnect, Ip Hider (Hides your ip), and other. - MAP builder, place objects like windmills, ramps and stuff. - Name Changer / Hider - Make it easier to custom menu - Make speedometer in MPH and KPH - ANTI-AFK - Report blocking. - Show other modders. - Make it possible to kick all. - Possible to DDOS (Maybe u can create a checkbox at the launcher, if people verify it, download a third-party program with DDOS) - Animations. - Spawn peds on people. - Custom Keybinds. (Even supports MOUSE buttons) - Weapon Ped/money dropper. - Remove money feature. - Notifikation when people grief you/other. - FRIENDS: Godmode player/car, repair car, upgrade cars, launch cars, boost cars, car spawner (not modded). - Custom Stat changer - Force player animations. - FIX failed Features - Stealth Token. - Kick ALL/ TP ALL - Better troll/grief options. - Message players (Like a Lester mission notification) - Unban (Possible on other menus) - Auto kick people reporting users. - Attach people to peds, cars and other things. - Reveal off radar players - Trails, for cars and players. - ALL cooldown removed (Orbital, CEO, Car selling, casino wheel) - Make it possible to finish bunker research in a second - K/D increase/decreaser. - Freeze players - Name Hider (Killing people(like it just says "Player died" when killing people)) - Spawn ENEMY NPC's at people. (Merrywheather assasins) - Unlimited car speed, Drift mode. - See other Maverick users (Hide VIPS for free users) - Make it possible to attach a proxy file to the menu, for unlimited ips. - Vehicle open doors (Spawned vehicles) Inspiration from other requests, and menus. Regards Muggemanden.
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    I used this 1 or 2 months ago for GTA V and it worked fine. Unfortunantly, the money loop is not working. Other than that, amazing cheat, but please fix this issue.



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