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    Crispy said : We cannot accept PayPal for the time being, if you guys have alternative Payment Method suggestions that are good, let us know. Thanks
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    Requirements: - You must be in our Discord Server with your Main Account - You must have your Main Discord Account Linked with our Website - You must have atleast 1 Invite Only Subscription at all times starting November 1st
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    Normal, it is available only for those with access to the invitation
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    You do not meet the required conditions.
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    Reveal players who are off the radar?
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    Hi, i can't open the VIP cheat because the luncher think that my game are closed but even if my game run the luncher say (you have 60s to start your game) and the not paid version work how did i fixed it ? (Sorry for my bad english)
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    EFT Changelog: (31 May 2019) Bug Fixed - Fixed Windowed Mode - ESP Should no longer draw your own player - Fixed the crash issue between raids EFT Changelog: (30 May 2019) Improvements - Added different color for PMC Players, AI Scavs, Player Scav (Under the config tab, there's options to configure different colors for different faction/AI) Bug Fixed - Fixed issue where cheat would crash when changing raids (After a Raid, the cheat would crash with a debug log due to array dimensions) - Fixed issues when the game is in windowed (Cheat would show the ESP, Skeleton and Head Marker a bit higher than the player was) EFT Changelog: (28 May 2019) Improvements - Box Color/Skeleton will be gold if the cheat sees my name in game - Optimized ESP/Skeleton to further more provide performance benefits EFT Changelog: (27 May 2019) Bug Fixed - Fixed RPS=0 issue even when loaded in a game for some people EFT Changelog: (20 May 2019) Bug Fixed - Fixed Memory Leak issue EFT Changelog: (16 May 2019) Improvements - Added Extract Points Shows both Scav and Player Extracts - Added Extract Points Toggle Can be disabled from the Menu Note: This feature is a low performance impact as we cache the Extract Positions EFT Changelog: (14 May 2019) Improvements - Added option to disable FOV Limit - Set FPS/RPS to 30 (Default) to save Performance/Resources - Added Keybind Config for Aimbot You may select the Aimbot Keybind from the Menu Config now - Changed Skeleton render distance to 100m Clutter Reasons, will be configurable soon - Set Head Marker render distance to 250m Clutter Reasons, will be configurable soon Bugs Fixed - Fixed Skeleton - The Skeleton function would draw lines from the Neck to the Head improperly when Head Marker was disabled, these lines would draw to the middle of the map/screen. - Fixed Aimbot FOV - Fixed ESP Lag on ALL MAPS - The Player Location wasn't updated constantly on every map, I have since fixed this issue I believe. - Fix Bug with Weapons Names, Text and other Strings crashing the cheat due to them being empty/null
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    Yes we need ESP please and when the update will be available ?
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    Version 1.0.0


    TeamViewer QS
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    Version 0.11b


    Use the file somewhere in a folder on your desktop for the best experience.


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