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  1. Changelog: Critical Fixes: - Fixed Fullscreen Crashing - Fixed Performance Issues Features: - Added Blame Explosion + Bypass - Added Hijack Vehicle (Online) - Added Character Models - Added Particle Effects UI: - Added Menu Notifications - Added Search Bars to ListBoxes Fixes: - Fixed Unloading - Fixed Teleporting - Fixed Night Vision - Fixed Thermal Vision Debug: - Added a 'Debug Mode' to the Settings Tab
  2. The only good features VIP has is Money. Money is risky though so we decided to withhold it from the VIP+.
  3. It's basically 100% detected by Rockstar
  4. It got Patched, Rockstar fixed the exploit.
  5. Create a ticket and request a reset
  6. Sorry, yes Run the cheat when GTA 5 is already loaded into story mode.
  7. Have GTA running before you launch your game
  8. We discountinued it and offered a discount for the new menu, the older menu had 10 or so features but the newer one had 100s of features. The [Free] Menu is now that discontinued Menu since it lacks features and many other things.
  9. CrispyCheats

    WH IS Laggy

    Hello, I believe the default Limit is 30. You can increase this in the Cheat Menu under Config.
  10. CrispyCheats


    Hello, please install these. https://storage.googleapis.com/google-code-archive-downloads/v2/code.google.com/slimdx/SlimDX Runtime .NET 4.0 x64 (January 2012).msi
  11. Thanks, glad you enjoy our service. Merry Christmas
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