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  1. Will look into it, thanks
  2. His issues have been resolved in Support Ticket
  3. Launch your cheat after the game is loaded into a server
  4. If someone wants to lend m ea BattleField 4 account, Ill fix some of these things. Thanks PM me on Discord or on Here.
  5. Have you opened the Launcher List by clicking the Top Left 3 Lines? It shows Labels for the list, PS: Almost always the Paid cheat is after the Free cheat on the List.
  6. I updated our Cheats after I quit my Day-Day Job, EFT Paid has been updated since and hasn't had a single day of downtime. I do NOT plan to update Free at this time due to the concern that it will affect security with our Paid cheat. The price increase comes from the initial decision to quit my Job and do this Full Time.
  7. Just temporary Close Only, no minimize. - We dont want it to run while you're doing stuff or playing games, close it and leave it We want to fill this space in the future, we're just busy fixing bugs to really work on it. In the plans Any examples? Will think of a good way to do this Bug - Fixed in latest version Good idea, will do. Want too, just time consuming. Will do once the Launcher page is done
  8. Bug Reports https://maverickcheats.eu/community/forum/23-bug-report/ Include, Logs, Details, Errors, Recordings, Pictures or whatever details you have.



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