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  1. Hey all! Introducing our latest addition to our cheat library... Among Us! All Testing has been done through ReClass/Cheat Engine, cheat build COMING SOON Available Free for all users Feature List Limited Testing Done: - Player Speed (1-5x) - Player Vision (1-5x) - Kill Timer (1-60s) - Kill Distance (Short to Long) - Emergency Cooldown Timer (1-60s) Untested: - Emergency Meetings (Soon) more news to follow...
  2. Server Changelog: (21 August 2020) Changed some functions to improve server reliability and Token Sync reliability to remove the additional strain on the server from handling a ton of separate requests to sync a single token. ChangeLog: ----------------------------------------------------- Added ------------------------------------------------------------ - Added a Loop to Sync Tokens across servers - Added a Token Sync Request when a Tokens generated - Removed Token Sync requests for when a Tokens Updated (Tokens get updated by the Token Sync Loop now) -----------------
  3. Server Changelog: (16 August 2020) This update should improve loading times for North America customers and customers who live in countries near America by up to 100%. This update should also add redundancy if 1 of the servers drops out, the other one will handle the requests. ChangeLog:------------------------------ Added --------------------------------- < Updating Server > - Implement a North American Server to improve load times in America < Updating Launcher > - Adding North American Server to the Launcher --------------------------------------------
  4. When u create a proper support ticket, we don't provide support in sub threads
  5. Loader Changelog: (1 June 2020) MaverickCheats Launcher Updated - v0.25 ChangeLog: ------------------------------ Added --------------------------------- - Added HWID Mismatch Popup - Added HWID Reset Options to the Launcher (Yes or No) https://i.gyazo.com/58a169dee30cbd24b4abff3ed55ef3c9.mp4
  6. The point of hwid lock is to prevent multi device usage, if we give infinite hwid resets, whats the point of implementing the system
  7. Hi there, We just want to remind the MaverickCheats Community that your account is your responsibility and we recommend the use of two factor authentication to prevent your account getting hijacked. Recently, we have received a spike in reports of hacked accounts, asking for their restoration, and the return of the rightful owner To enable 2FA, go to your account settings. and enable Authy or Google Authenticator. If you refuse to use two factor authentication and your account gets hijacked, we may refuse to help you recover it. -MaverickCheats Team This is a guid
  8. GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (22 February 2019) Bugs -Fixed GTA V crashing -> please report to us if it is still constantly crashing
  9. Loader Changelog: (21 February 2020) MaverickCheats Launcher Updated - v0.24a ChangeLog: ------------------------------ Added --------------------------------- - Added Support Tickets - Added Notification Images - Added Notification Content ------------------------------ Changed ------------------------------ - Changed the Notifications List - Fixed Username and Password Text Boxes as they didn't Tab Stop properly Login Page now loads with the Username Box pre selected, pressing Tab will then select the Password Box
  10. Loader Changelog: (21 January 2020) MaverickCheats Launcher Updated - v0.24 Changelog: - Added Website Notifications to the Launcher Notifications are viewable on the launcher now Fixes: - Fixed Login Form 'Close' Button (Login Form 'X' wouldn't close the Application) - Fixed Scrolling on the Side Bar (Scrolling over the Product SideBar would allow it to scroll until no products were seen)
  11. Loader Changelog: (23 December 2019) MaverickCheats Launcher Updated - v0.23d ChangeLog: - Fixed issue where Double Clicking to Launch a Product would crash the Launcher --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MaverickCheats Launcher Updated - v0.23e Changelog: - Fixed Launching Bugs with Double Clicking
  12. Loader Changelog: (20 December 2019) MaverickCheats Launcher Updated - v0.23c Changelog: - Added "x Users Online" to the Login Form under our Logo - Implemented Online Counts within the Product Class for Future Use on the Product List
  13. Loader Changelog: (16 December 2019) MaverickCheats Launcher Updated - v0.23b Changelog: - Fixed Product Launching - Added 'OnHover' Highlighter for Cheat List - Added Red Message when trying to Launch an 'Updating' Cheat - Removed MessageBox when trying to Launch and 'Updating' Cheats



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