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  1. CSGO Internal Changelog: (December 2019) Improvements - Added notifications on cheat load - Added missing weapons to the skins list Bugs - Fixed a few bugs with certain features causing the game to crash
  2. GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (15 December 2019) Improvements - Added support for new network events. Bugs - Fixed a bug where the game would crash when loading GTA:O. -> This was caused by incorrect events being sent to the client due to new rockstars anticheat measures. - Fixed off the radar kicking you out of the session - Fixed random crashes caused by "network_is_game_in_progress" native - Fixed invisible player - Fixed RP/XP Multiplier Security - Attempted to bypass new client-side anticheat. GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (14 December 2019) Bugs - Updated for game version 1.50: The Diamond Casino Heist.
  3. CSGO Internal Changelog: (November 2019) Fixes: - Compatibility with Operation Shattered Web Please report any bugs in the bug report section, all reports not following the report format will be voided
  4. It's been said all along in the terms of service u accepted when signing up
  5. Because it's battleye a/c and it's considered cheap for this conditions
  6. Is ur game windowed/borderless?
  7. Our Invite Only Cheats - EFT ( Temporarily Discontinued ) - Arma 3 - Dayz - Blacksquad Applications We are not currently taking in any applications We have deleted/removed all Invite Applications that were submitted to our Support We will be creating a new and improved Invite Application system when EFT gets released. You will NOT need to repay to apply on the new system, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We did this to improve our Support Tickets as we were getting too many invite applications which was causing our Support Ticket response times to be rather high. We are working on RDR2 cheat but we are still working on EFT in the backround We decided to try a different bypass so it would take longer. Refunds - Refunds will be provided for EFT purchases made within august 2019 - No refunds will be provided for the Application Fee regardless of results Refunds can be requested by creating a Support Ticket and choosing the Department 'Refund' Support Tickets: Support Invite Eligibility Factors - Account Age - Number of Purchases - Activity/Posting Activity - Discord/Community Reputation - Discord/Community Engagement Must Have Conditions - Reputable Profile - Customer for 1+ Months --> 1 or more Purchases before August - Reliable Payment Source/Funds - Must have joined our Discord Server - Must have your Discord linked to our Website - (New) Invite Only Requirements have been updated - 1+ Months of Purchase History of a non BattlEye protected game in or before July. During the reviewal process, any applications will subject to the senior staffs reviewing your profile and looking for these traits. We will also search Discord if you have a Linked Discord. FAQ 1. Would previous EFT [Lifetime] customers get the cheat? No. As we stated in our terms of service, We may sell "lifetime" subscriptions. Lifetime means the cheat lifetime, not your lifetime. The New EFT cheat is a completely new menu and is not associated with the old version 2. Why are you limiting the number of users/ using an invite application? Battleye is biggest anticheat company The more users that use the cheat, the higher the risk of detection, so we limit the number of users using it and within the users we want to minimize the risk of them being snitches what so ever. 3. Are you still taking in applications? As of now, no 4. I got declined, Can I appeal again? Under certain requirement, Yes. Please view the Discord EFT NEWS channel to check out the requirements 5. Can I help test the BETA version? The unfinised built is only for testing for users who has been accepted and made payment of the cheat Note Please join our discord server for the latest news and more!



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