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  1. Cage is no problem, just one tp and it's fine. But when they start to spawn stuff on you where ever they are and start to stick stuff on ju and lots of other stuff you have no chance any more... some times I need to change lobby 10 times just because of this guys and like yesterday I had to restart the games to fix all the things they did every thing they put on me was stuck even when I change lobby.. and then you look at this client that's only explode players I see some weakness here.. we have like explode player suicide player and kick player and all it do is the same just explode player I don't get it... we need MORE protections and MORE functions...
  2. Yes all is enable but still they can do what ever they want without explode me...
  3. Maybe its strong on the safe side but if we are not geting any more futures atlest give us some more protection against other hackers, becuse in this current state i have some realy problems when someone gets in the session...
  4. How is it going with new functions, I see lots of ideas, I like this client but we have like 10 greyed function that's never get online and so annoying when you get trolled hard from other clients that is stronger and have more functions...
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