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  1. Just as the title suggests, I have noticed that my kill icon flickers to the cooldown, and returns to normal in maybe a span of 0.5 seconds, indicating that my partner has killed. Is this a legitimate feature in the game? or is this a bug that is most likely going to get patched soon???? 

  2. So one of my monitors died. My second monitor is a lower resolution than my main one was. now whenever i launch batttlefield i just get a black screen. I can hear the game running i just can't do anything. how can i lower the resolution outside of the game?

  3. I would invest in the bunker. It generates income similar to the biker businesses only it makes you a lot more. You can just keep selling cars while it generates money for you until it's ready to sell. Only issue is that you have to keep it supplied and it can get robbed by NPCs. Make sure you upgrade it immediately

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