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    • GTA 5 [Lifetime] (VIP)
      well the latest review was from 2021 so there the my review for 2023 Most of the option still working perfect! but there is option like off radar , remove wanter, never water,  clone body guard (this one work but the bodygurad won't follow you anymore)  maybe there is more that don't work i have not try every option yet! I only use godmod,repair car, and stuff like that and there is some impro they did too.    
      By Kingdong,
    • GTA 5 [Lifetime] (VIP+)
      TLDR: Dev support at this moment has either been non-existent or radio silent for several months at this point. Do not buy any maverick cheats imo. They don't answer to discord tickets either. I hate to be that guy who writes a hateful review, but Maverick Cheats is not the same as it was before. I can't recommend anyone buy any cheats from these guys anymore. VIP and VIP+ despite showing as undetected, IS DETECTED at the time of this review. (August 3rd, 2023)
      By Zephyr One,
    • GTA 5 [Lifetime] (VIP)
      the old one was better than new one, i couldnt take money and there is no weather control, i tried to control player but i couldnt, the old version i could do all these except the weather control.
      By humamni,
    • BF 4 [Subscription]
      Crispy has been in the cheating scene since the old GTA 5 days and the quality has only gone up. I don't really condone cheating, but these are great if you just want to get the 12 jet kills to get the UCAV. Thanks Crispy.
      By AcidNippz,
    • GTA 5 [Lifetime] (VIP+)
      most functions work. currently cant use the launcher 
      By Holiday839,
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