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Registration Terms

All Terms of Conditions which are marked in White are very important and are marked for your convenience to ensure you understand them.

All Terms are final, if caught attempting to breach a Term or declining to accept any new terms, you are subject to service termination without refund.

You may not register more than one (1) account on our website.

You must be at least 16 years old to use our website.

Our website is English only. To use our services, your primary language must be English.

All information on your profile must be valid and accurate.

You are responsible for the content posted using your account.

You are responsible for the security of your account.

There is no guarantee that our services answer your needs, are error-free or available all the time as the Software is always updating.

We are not responsible for any in-game bans/suspensions. The Anti-Cheat is always updating therefore we cannot predict its changes.

We are not responsible for defective features in-game. The game is always updating, therefore we try and keep up to date.

You use the service at your own risk, this is because we can't predict updates to the game or their Anti-Cheat .

Disputing a payment through a payment processor will get your account permanently disabled.

We may sell "lifetime" subscriptions. Lifetime means the cheat lifetime, not your lifetime.

You can only use payment method you have explicit permission to use for our services.

We hold the rights to delete any content posted in our website. We are not responsible for the content posted on our website by our users.

You are not allowed to use our services if you, or someone you are in connection with, are associated with any anti-cheat or game development company.

You may not attempt to crack, debug or reverse engineer our products.

You agree we lock our Software to a single Hardware ID.

Resetting this Hardware ID is up to our Discretion.

You may not share or resell our products

You may not attempt any kind of attacks against our site/services.

Everything you find from MaverickCheats should stay at MaverickCheats. Do not release any private information to the public.

Under special circumstances we may require you to submit government-issued ID document before activating your account.

To get a refund, please contact us about your issue. Refunds are decided on a case by case basis.

You are not allowed to use our products while live streaming without permission from the staff.

If you upload videos/images of our products, they must include our logo which is clearly visible and cannot be cut off.

By uploading cheating videos/images you are responsible for hiding your account information properly.


We may deactivate your account at any time, without a warning and without specifying a reason

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