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  1. Requirements: - You must be in our Discord Server with your Main Account - You must have your Main Discord Account Linked with our Website - You must have atleast 1 Invite Only Subscription at all times starting November 1st
  2. You need to apply in the support, but you do not meet the required conditions.
  3. Crispy said : We cannot accept PayPal for the time being, if you guys have alternative Payment Method suggestions that are good, let us know. Thanks
  4. Normal, it is available only for those with access to the invitation
  5. You do not meet the required conditions.
  6. You need to ask for it (support part), that gonna cost you 1$
  7. u may Reset your HWID Lock that is assigned to our Launcher using this link, make sure you open it in the SAME browser and that you are logged into the Website already. https://maverickcheats.net/community/maverickcheats/hwid.php
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