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  1. PC admins are ruining this game. commercial space for sale in thane Nearly ever server is ran by the most toxic flats in mulund admin who 2 bhk flats in dadar will either not allow spectators to join, or if they do they are kicked or somehow on one particular server recently I kept getting 'connection lost' on a server The Guardians India yet I had 20ping when I actually played on the server, but no matter how many times I tried to spectate I could not. The servers also have really bad rules, 2 bhk flat in undri like they will change when the admin is playing or not, e.g. no igla/c4/mortar etc. and then suddenly the admin isn't playing and the gadgets are able to be used.Another thing I notice is that the admins will straight up kick/timeout and permenantly ban you just because you killed them... how tragic.



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