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  1. - Enabling Chams will cause whole game to crash instantly after closing menu - Auto Chrouch is crouching no matter what. It's just infinite crouch. - I don't know how does Visualise Backtrack work but I don't see any difference if ON/OFF *(actually I think it's broken) - the Line feature is somehow broken and it's not working - ESP Outline doesen't seem to do anything (IDK what it should do.) - Grenades aren't showing and neither is World C4 - The Armor feature is working properly but the "number" option is not showing anything - Knifes and knife skins aren't working in SkinChanger tab - No Sky is only working on some maps *(It's working on majority of them, but maps like Nuke or Cache [I think it was Cache] are just not working) - Reveal Ranks cheat crashes the whole game once you press tab *(while enabled) - The Auto Accept feature seems to be broken either ( I assume that it's an automatic acceptance of a competetive match) - At first I was confused what does Grenade Informer do but I find out that it's more like Grenade Trajectory or Grenade Line/Orbit (just my opinion) - And lastly I tried to create and save my config. 1st time it CRASHED the game and 2nd time when I loaded config my "slider" settings was gone + More to CONFIGS. If you try to save config just few of settings actually loads as saved. I mean if you select skins in SkinChanger or perfectly set-up Aim Assistance, theese skins and Aim Assist settings will not load once you load the config. This is very annoying and I hope you will fix it asap. My THREE biggest wishes are to fix: CONFIGS, CHAMS and REVEAL RANKS
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