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  1. Another great idea would be a wheel changer. For instance, Benny's wheels on non-Benny's vehicles, or swapping the bespoke wheels of a car like the nebula and put them on any car!!
  2. Have you guys not heard of checking other places here on the website to see if the cheat is offline or not? New updates break the menu from time to time, give it a week or so (probably) and it'll be back online. A feature request forum is NOT the place to ask for help
  3. Something to consider I think, the new currency we might be getting on Tuesday now that the Casino DLC is coming. Can we figure out a way to add currency so we can purchase whatever they have to offer?
  4. Since Arena War requires a certain battle score to unlock Pegasus vehicles, how about an option or method of some sorts to reach the required levels to unlock the new vehicles?
  5. How about an "unlock everything" option? I know you can unlock car mods and clothes and such, some just by leveling up with the menu, but what about for things like some car colors? Not having to set fastest laps for a paint color would be super nice.
  6. Here's an idea: how about not only tweaks to vehicle performance, but appearance as well? For instance, things like being able to camber wheels, adjust ride height, add and remove body modifications, even swap wheels (say muscle to tuner, or even Benny's wheels on non Benny's cars), and things like that? There are many vehicles out there that can have some pretty interesting looks with some of these ideas, I'd say.



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