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  1. Thank you for this information. I have one last question for you and then I will leave you alone with the annoying questions :). Why a year ago, the money cheat on maverick counted as income for Rockstar? Because as you can see, all the money I have in my account comes from this old cheat and yet the money is well displayed in my expenses.
  2. so I don't understand. so why are there chances of getting banned when using the money cheat?
  3. I just have one last thing to ask you. Do you know if Rockstar Games have improved their antivirus for 1 year / 1 year and a half?
  4. I was just talking about the other unsafe cheats that are on maverick clients
  5. Does this also apply to other unsafe cheats or are they safer?
  6. it is possible to use money cheat? How much money is it safe to drop?
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