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  1. - Save custom teleport locations - Save config settings (protections, colors, menu sizes, etc.)
  2. - Add the Itali RSX, please... I saw the Fast and the Furious 7, my crippling psuedorealistic action movie walrus fetish y e a r n s f o r i t - Please fix Off The Radar, it's been broken for months - Add Ghost Organization, like Off The Radar, but for Ghost Organization - Add options to spawn in pedestrians and game objects (such as ramps and airport bag carriers, the ones with broken physics that fly when you hit them with a Rhino) Just my suggestions, thank you guys for keeping this running for as long as you have, I can't imagine playing GTA V without Mav!
  3. You can already do that in the VIP menu I would rather Off Radar be fixed since it's been broken for quite a while now, I just want to allahu akbar people in peace! :c



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