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  1. We are working on Arma3 and DayZ
  2. Hi, I'm Keegan, and I'm the one and official Reseller here at MaverickCheats.net If you can't buy any subscription using the forum's payments gateway options, you can buy a subscription through me using PayPal. How to: Make sure to register and verify your account here at MaverickCheats.net Then add me, in discord [Keegan#5295], you can find me in the Official MaverickCheats Discord Server, or send me a message here in forum. When you contact me, please provide me with the name/email of the MaverickCheats.net forum account you want the product to be applie
  3. Disable ANY Antivirus (Windows Defender too) and Move Launcher files to the Desktop in a new Desktop Folder
  4. Keegan

    don't work ESP ?

    If you still need help, join in the discord server, or open a forum ticket
  5. it's free, you can find it in your loader
  6. 1) First of all, read this topic if you feel ready and able to apply, continue reading 2) Go in the support section, open a new topic and choose the department of which you are applying for; Eg Applying for Discord Moderator should select "Discord Moderator" 3) In the text box, Tell us about yourself, a full presentation about yourself etc.... 4) Fill out the entire form 5) You are done N. B Do not lie, lying would result in a penalty such as, warn/ban and in some cases the removal of the role obtained. Wait for the staff, do not in
  7. Is the cheat detected by VAC ?

  8. Keegan

    BF4 HWID

    CLICK HERE - To reset HWID
  9. Keegan


    https://maverickcheats.net/community/support/ Closed
  10. Should be fixed (only in the vip version)
  11. bro i need help to unlock my menu 

    mav key.txt

    1. PLAYBOY1122


      its saying  mismatched hwid for me


  12. Is there even plans to fix the gta money loop

    1. Keegan


      free version is discontinued 

    2. geedunk24


      bro will you ulock my menu plz 


  13. у меня вопрос можно ли как установить кфг для чита maverickcheats CS_GO если да по какому пути это делается ? буду очень благодарен 



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