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  1. I couldn’t purchase for vip. Could you please help me with this problem?

  2. This is not a bug, open a support ticket: Support
  3. Keegan


    Could you please specify the cheat?
  4. There's not an eta, should be fixed soon!
  5. when will it be working again


  6. Keegan

    GTA 5

    Changed Current Release to Yes
  7. Keegan

    GTA 5

    Changed Paid Version to No
  8. Keegan

    GTA 5

    Changed Paid Version to Yes
  9. The developer is working to fix it for the latest version of the game!
  10. it doesn't matter at all, the players list works, just leave it
  11. we know, just leave it
  12. We are working on Arma3 and DayZ
  13. Keegan

    GTA5 Internal

    Fixes: - Fixed RP Loop (Wanted Level Loop) - Fixed Fill Armor - Fixed Run Speed - Fixed Swim Speed - Fixed Never Wanted - Fixed Set Wanted Level - Fixed No Recoil - Fixed Instant Reload - Fixed Bullet Force Modifier



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