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  1. Is it possible to integrate the function "always play as Impostor"? I would even pay for that feature! Maybe Among Us VIP cheat? Also good idea to make a feature to "lock doors"!
  2. If you enable no kill cooldown as Impostor and you kill next player faster as it should be possible you are banned. Ban is just from that server and you can join another server fast again. I got banned dozen times tonight. If you enable Impostor feature if you are not Impostor and you kill someone you are also directly banned!
  3. I have also some ideas: # play as animal - its very funny to kill players as dog or mountain lion # spawn vehicles to players (so that they can use it) # send Jesus with gun to players to kill them # send Hydras to attack players # freeze players # send annoying sounds to players # change players RP (if its still possible to make) # spawn objects on players like christmas trees, toilets...



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