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  1. @Splitx12 and @50ShadesOfUs. The menu are outdated. Some features dosent work as: - Vehicle Gun - Kick player (Remove explosion(do so IT actually kicks someone out of session)) Ive got some features which are getting essentiel in mods, and i would prefer u add Soon as possible: - Outfit changer/model changer - Car mod menu (Change engine, lights etc) - Show players info (ip and port, if they are using mods too and stuff) - Name and ip spoofer (Change name, and protect ip from other modders) Hope u see this post.
  2. Let me give u a advise.. Loop 500k every 2344 ms and go into your apartment and Watch tv.. Then u are getting afk money.. Im getting 100mil in 1 hour and 15 min just by letting it running.. And u dont have to switch session. Turn off loop, commit suicide, and then just turn om again.. But dont use the money in the same lobby, and only ude like 25 min Per Day..
  3. Yo man, listen. Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition, is just like the normal GTA. But in premium edition, u get a free sharkcard, which gives 100k first time u get in online.. But yea, the menu are safe. -Muggemanden
  4. The paid one defiently are. Ive been using IT alot. So yea, the menu are antiban proof. -Muggemanden
  5. But then, its not secure from other Menus?
  6. The menu have got too outdated! Alot other menus got Better and funnier options. Please start develop again.
  7. Hello Fellows. Ive seen alot of videos of a menu with a new money method. If u go into the casino, and Play the diamond slot machine, u get the full prize every time.. Is that coming to the vip menu?



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