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  1. That is saying your anti-virus is enabled.
  2. Speak in English ONLY. Also can you try starting the game in story mode and then launching the cheat. If that doesn’t work please attach a screenshot of your anti-virus/viruses.
  3. What do you mean? Be specific and don't make such a vague statement.
  4. Restart your launcher and make sure that your launcher is excluded from ALL Anti-viruses.
  5. Was tarkov removed


  6. When the cheat is injected press INS to open it.
  7. You may Reset your HWID Lock that is assigned to our Launcher using this link, make sure you open it in the SAME browser and that you are logged into the Website already. https://maverickcheats.net/community/maverickcheats/hwid.php
  8. It's not just the epic games version, the menu is just bugged.
  9. Use bug reports not feature requests.
  10. Is there gonna be any new features on the paid GTA V mod menu?


  11. Make sure that the launcher is excluded from your anti-virus.
  12. Second to bottom icon on the left.
  13. how do i do that


    1. fabiobiguzzi1089@gmail.com

      [email protected]

      I accidentely deleated my own account


  14. We know about it. There is nothing you can do.



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