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  1. i think they are the same menu but the free version just has some stuff disabled
  2. thanks for trying to help, even if in the end ur weren't able to its nice that u tried
  3. By custom menu i mean i coded the whole thing myself other then that u seemed to have understood what i said, tho maybe not as knowledgeable, in any case thx for answering. Edit; I'm not trying to be a dick or call u stupid or anything, my knowledge in this field is just rather advanced and the answer i was looking for was allot more technical then the one u likely could provide
  4. Oh I know about safe mode what I'm talking about is off radar, never wanted (and the wanted slider), and a couple other cheats don't work at all. I actually installed this menu again after my own custom menu stopped working and I was kinda hoping those things worked in this menu (which they don't). Honestly I was just wondering if the old methods of using these non-functional cheats is now detected and could possible result in a ban or not. Edit: I can't spell
  5. the error your getting is due to your antivirus check for Ocamy.aa in protection history (to reach protection history open windows defender, go to virus & threat protection and look under the quick scan option for protection history) make sure u allow it on device as if u ran the launcher before excluding the folder this part is quarentined which breaks the launcher
  6. is the paid one undetected rn? ive notice quite a few of the cheats dont work rn, rockstar either changed the memory locations or added the counter like they did to wanted level.
  7. is it possible to impersonate someone else in game so that i can avoid reports, ive never been banned using this but it would be nice if they thought someone else was modding
  8. would just like a complete discription of all hacks as i couldnt figure out what alot of them did



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