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  1. truly, I'm sick of the mod working for a quarter of the things they say they have, no money, no level, not anything ... also the game crashes every 5 or 10 minutes, I've been demanding for months to update the mod and they do nothing, thank you very much !!!, I paid for something that works three out of 30 things, I feel that nobody of maverick is interested in the word of us, the users of a program which we pay for, it is not free and On top of it, go as you want, I'll see what I do from now on, because I see that you are not interested in this progress and be a successful company or that your users are satisfied, greetings
  2. It's good that they came back, they were missed, but to be honest, there are a lot of things that either don't work or are wrong ... I think they are working to make everything work well, like when they started that all the options they had, worked 100%, I am seeing that there are many mods and with many more options, it would be good if you can incorporate them, greetings ..
  3. another ban....i lose 10 accounts...so many tahnks maverik!!!!!
  4. It would be fabulous, to work again without hanging the application or the gta 5, to have unlimited bullets again, to be able to give money to players, to be able to kick other players, effectively remove weapons, to force them to stay still, voltic boost it will work again, I appreciate your effort and your tireless work, I hope that soon everything will work again as before, greetings !!
  5. the infinite voltic boost dont run...
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