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  1. Hi just a question is ther a protection from get kicked back to Desktop or get Black screen i tryd everything and nothing worked. Ps. It woud be nice if we can get a Desktop Kick funktion or something like this , to defend yourself , the "Black screen" not Working on the most other mod menu users and the "Kick player" butten is a compleat joke or a Troll of the devs because it just explode ppl
  2. hey guys better protektion against modders woud be nice and maybe a gamertag hider or something like that becasue when im going arround even when i got all the protektion on i still can get kicked to desktop or blackscreend by other modders and it woud be really awsome if we can get a player moddel changer for modder and other users when u play with your buddys that you can make the heist as a group of chimps or dogs or eaven follow arround ppl without them see your real gamertag and report you i know ther is the "report youself " protektion but it still woud be cool to change the gt
  3. it woud be nice to see witch ceat is witch like for gta v i just got two pannels with the v symbol and have to guess witch one is the vip and witch is the free one



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