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  1. Howdy Friends!

  2. Yes and you can check if the cheat is down/being updated here -> https://maverickcheats.net/community/status/
  3. Yes! you can pay with PayPal here ->
  4. rixeylte


    Yes PayPal is accepted here
  5. You can still use the free version but I highly recommend the paid version, so much better and a lot more features.
  6. rixeylte


    You can pay directly with a credit card through the website, BTC, as well as PayPal. I am unsure if paysafe card is supported.
  7. The prices for each individual cheat can be found here GTAV: Battlefield: CSGO: Among Us: FREE Escape From Tarkov: Private/Invite Only (APPLICATIONS CLOSED)
  8. rixeylte

    WH IS Laggy

    Well, a large problem might be your PC specs. If not definitely lower your render resolution because this can HEAVILY affect your games performance especially when running an external cheat. I usually use 80-100% render resolution with no issues, if this does not work try and lower your graphics settings.
  9. rixeylte


    the "Insert" button.
  10. rixeylte

    Fps issue

    You have to understand how buggy battlefield is, especially BF4. If FPS affects performance and not the counter in the top right try lowering your settings. Otherwise you can set the "Max FPS" to 240 and that should fix your issue
  11. you need to be in windowed borderless otherwise the cheat will not work!
  12. it is a private invite only cheat
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