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  1. don't know if its been mentioned but Bad Sport Removal for self and possibly others
  2. Try buying all the cars, modding them then buying every single article of clothing, accessories, masks, outfits. Then do it for your main too and your alt since you can have two characters. Then you will see that you will spend over 2 bil
  3. RIGHT CLICK the menu option to open a sub menu. There you can set the weather and time, then apply them to the server. From my experience everyone on the server sees the weather and time changes. FYI xMas Snow and Halloween are the top two requested by random players!
  4. I would like to be able to remove objects stuck to players, to be able to repair other players cars as well as instead of just being able to "fuck up" the car I want to max physical damage, all the doors fall off and windows all break and the body gets crumpled
  5. I would like to see weather and time adjusters
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