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  1. It's currently being working on.

  2. The greyed functions, as you call them, are features that are in developpement. Be patient and they'll be avaible later on.. Also, a client can be really strong ,but being detectable. Maverick prefers to offer safe options instead of options you could get banned for.
  3. Here's some ideas that I think should be added to the Gta 5 VIP: Clean Badsport Car customization ( Parts ) Teleport Player To Me Teleport (All) Player(s) To Me Teleport Players to "Location" Model Changer Outfits Customization ( Except Blacklisted Items ) Editable Money Drop Delay Stealth Remove Money Possibility to apply effects to All players ( As money drop, cage player, etc...) Change the damage modifier system (VIP). Take the same one then on the paid version. Menu customization profile save. Clean Ped



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