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  1. we do offer alot of features but currently we are improving anticheat detection
  2. shades how is that even possible if so i got a booter ready -.-
  3. im pretty sure cant add an ip into the session because there is no way of obtaining it
  4. we are aware stand by for the new update
  5. those sound like some really good ideas i will make sure to tell the dev but some of those are patched :0
  6. create a support ticket unless i already gave it to you
  7. the smallest things take the most time xD
  8. never heard of the anti cheat but im pretty sure its only for normal MM
  9. https://maverickcheats.eu/community/store/category/1-gta-5-vip/
  10. vip is 50$ paid is 15$ if you paid 15$ thats the paid version
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