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  1. Hello. Since this function is not yet available, I recommend that you use a VPN while using GTA 5. A free VPN is also possible but unfortunately often have limitations in terms of speed and data volume.
  2. Did you really disable your antivirus and firewall, or were you just trying? You are not allowed to activate either of the two while using MaverickCheats and these must have been deactivated before the launcher is opened. My tip: To make it easier to deactivate the antivirus and the firewall, I would recommend Avast Free Antivirus. I use that too because of the simplicity. The launcher also needs administrator rights
  3. The development team is aware of this bug. We ask for patience. Have a nice Day GoodUser
  4. This is a bug. That will be patched soon. We ask for your patience. The development team is already informed.
  5. Very good. If something doesn't work again or you have other questions regarding the GTA 5 cheats, please feel free to write a ticket. I can also be reached in Discord.
  6. No. You first have to enter the mode where you want to use the cheat. If you want to use the cheat in online mode, then wait until you can move around in GTA Online. Then you go to the launcher and press the launch button
  7. It doesn't matter which method you choose. Anything related to GTA Online money is extremely risky. That is why the safe mode is activated by default to deactivate the high-risk functions. I can still give you a tip. Cheating money in an indirect way. I'll explain it here: A friend of mine always ordered free cars on the GTA Online Internet and I tuned them with Maximum Upgrade in front of the workshops. He then sold it for over $ 100,000 apiece. It takes a long time, but we have only had positive experiences with it. Me and my friend didn't get a ban or similar negative experiences.
  8. GoodUser


    Actually with the "Insert" button. At least that's the way it is with me. Otherwise just give it a try. It will be some.
  9. The 2.5K Moneydrop and Stealth Money are generally the most risky methods there are. That's why I put another idea into practice with a friend who was only recently unbanned in GTA Online. So I and a friend of mine did an action today that may work without being banned. We did the following: My buddy filled his garage with free cars, which are cars that cost $ 0. Of course, you can also use any other vehicle that you can buy in the GTA Online Internet, but if you prefer not to invest money, you can also take free cars. He then had these delivered by the mechanic at LS Customs and I j
  10. Yes everything fine. It sounded more like dissatisfaction. Well there will be an update soon. As long as you can call Lester and activate "Cops look away" or register as CEO and choose to bribe cops under "CEO skills". Then you have 3 minutes of rest : D.
  11. So the cheat is not out of date. There are just a few bugs that are hardly noticeable. Well, even if some functions don't work this is still a very useful cheat. The game doesn't crash for me. It can be that if you use a function very often in a row that it can crash. You could try using the Task Manager to give the game more priority. That helps sometimes. Developing and maintaining a mod menu is not easy. You have to keep in mind that there are around ~ 4 people involved in it at the moment. Sure, I would also like to have one or the other function but the way the cheat is, it is perfect for
  12. So I already mentioned the function in the suggestion forum. So that you can get false identities and change your name at GTA Online. The problem is that suggesting a new function is easier than programming the one you want. Especially because MaverickCheats is not allowed to use public code and cannot orient itself to it. Public code is dangerous. Money Hack is available in the MaverickCheat. To do this, the safe mode must be deactivated. But be careful: cheating money is very, very insecure. That's why you shouldn't cheat money. However, since I don't use the Money Cheat, I ca
  13. I think you're right. I'm actually not as tech-savvy as you are. Well, I'm just a customer trying to help other customers.



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