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GTA 5 [VIP] Installation and Details


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On 10/13/2018 at 3:58 AM, CrispyCheats said:


  1. Download and Install our Launcher from the Downloads section.
  2. Buy our GTA 5 [VIP] Cheat from our Store if you don't own it already.
  3. Disable, Uninstall or Exclude our Software and Folder from your AntiVirus's.
  4. Run our Launcher executable, expand the Side Menu List and click GTA 5 [VIP]. Click Launch.
  5. Launch your game once you see a Message Box that specifies the actions were successful or completed.
  6. Pressing 'Insert' in-game should pull up an Internal Menu that provides you the ability to manage and use our Cheat.



The Cheat offers many features such as Trolling, Protection from other Cheats, God Mode, Recovery Features and 100's of other features. We currently don't offer the option to 'save' your cheat configuration so take notes in your mind what you typically enable when you first execute the cheat.



1-GTA 5 [VIP].png

2-GTA 5 [VIP].png2-DROPDOWN-GTA 5 [VIP].png2-SUBMENU-GTA 5 [VIP].png

3-GTA 5 [VIP].png

4-GTA 5 [VIP].png

5-GTA 5 [VIP].png

6-GTA 5 [VIP].png

7-GTA 5 [VIP].png

8-GTA 5 [VIP].png


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11 hours ago, Spedskillzz69 said:

im having trouble using the trial for gta 5 everytime i hit launch for the paid version it says Injection: pre loaded you have 60 seconds to start your game and idk what to do from here

Dont close the popup until you launch the game then It should work.


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