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GTA 5 [VIP] Feature Requests


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can you add the feature to throw different models? (like how you can throw vehicles, I wanna be able to throw chimps or labradors or cougars or sharks, etc, especially goats if there is any) or make a radius of dogs or chimps follow the other player, I would love the ability to be able to play music in game but idk if that's possible with client to server interaction, a better gravity gun (like if you shoot a player or car, it will blow it away, and it's gravity will decrease making it look like it's floating)

a brokedown list of what i just said: 

- throw models (characters, peds, animals) 

- follow user (with model NPC selection) 

- play music in game externally

- better gravity gun

- model changer that works with all models even if wanting to change 


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